Sonic V1.3.0 — More Bug Squashing, New Methods in Sonic-js, & Fees Earned Feature

Update time! Two weeks ago we launched Sonic’s developer library, Sonic-js, and today we’re bringing some important enhancements to the library.

On top of that, we’re squashing some UI bugs and adding one of the community’s most requested features: analytics for fees earned on LP positions!

We’ve also got some more ambitious features coming down the pipeline that we talk about later in this blog, you won’t want to miss it 🔥

Sonic V1.3.0 — Adding A Little Polish ✨

As promised, we’re continuing to ship features that the Sonic community has been asking for. In addition, this update represents the continual polishing & refining that we’re doing to Sonic while we work on some of the larger feature sets (analytics, governance, token) in stealth mode.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Fees Earned on LP Positions

You guys have been asking for this… well, a lot! It was not an easy feat and we had to add improvements to some of Sonic’s backend logic & how we organize the CAP data Sonic logs in order to query the appropriate analytics (more on how we’re leveraging this improvement later in this blog 😉).

To see this feature in action you’ll need to have an active Sonic LP position. Thanks to transaction history provided by CAP, we’ve been able to make this feature backwards compatible with any LP positions that were opened since Sonic’s genesis.

Navigate to the liquidity tab of the Sonic app to see the updated LP position component that tells you your fees earned in addition to your LP tokens and dollar value!

Sonic-js Improvements

As previously mentioned, this update also comes with some additions to our developer library, Sonic-js!

We’re introducing four new methods that are all centered around Sonic liquidity pools. Developers can now seamlessly add / remove liquidity to Sonic’s pools and query data like their user’s LP balances.

This completes the full suite of Sonic features that are now available through Sonic-ks. Applications can now provide end-to-end integrations of the Sonic protocol under the hood of their application to do things like grant accessibility to their own tokens, or provide rewards for users who lock up liquidity in a project’s liquidity pool.

Bugs Squashed

We’ve also squashed some pesky UI bugs in this update, including:

  • Price impact not working after toggling swap arrow
  • Disabling the ICP → XTC swap selector, which is not yet supported
  • LP Tokens displaying incorrectly

Thanks again to the awesome community members who helped make Sonic a better platform by reporting these bugs!

Next Up — Sonic Analytics 🧮

The fees earned feature that we are bringing to you today brings some account specific analytics to the Sonic platform. In our next release you can expect something pretty ambitious.. A full blown analytics application that will work in parallel with to curate protocol wide analytics!

This means that the analytics platform will not only work for current tokens & liquidity pools, but all future tokens and liquidity pools as well!

Here are a few sneak peaks of what we’ve been working on.. we think you guys will like them 😉

The Overview tab is a birds eye view of the entire Sonic platform including its Total Value Locked (TVL), the 24h volume of the platform, and general info on the top tokens & pools.

Clicking on a specific token or pool will bring you to that token or pool’s analytics page where you can find a full breakdown of all the analytics that Sonic tracks.

A Quick UX Change 🌈

One last thing before we sign off. We’ve also made a change to our UX flow that we felt will make the Swap flow more intuitive.

Before this update, the ‘Keep Tokens In Sonic’ checkbox was on by default when completing a swap. Quite a few community members and team members pointed out that this sometimes caused a bit of concern for users as their Plug wallet’s balance was not updated after the swap (because the tokens were left in Sonic).

As of Sonic V1.3 we’ve turned the ‘Keep Tokens In Sonic’ checkbox off by default.

Signing Off 👋

And that’s all we have for you today, folks! Thanks for joining us for another exciting update for Sonic. The protocol is really beginning to shape up and we’re just getting started!

As always, if you’ve got any burning questions or ideas for Sonic, we encourage you to hop into our Discord or tweet at us. Until next time.



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