Introducing Sonic’s Analytics App — Global Analytics for the Sonic Protocol 🌎

Sonic Analytics is live! Start browsing our on-chain protocol wide analytics data through our new analytics app (volume, liquidity, pool-specific APR and more).

Sonic Analytics — An Overview 📈

Overview Tab

Pool & Token Tabs

Sonic’s Multi-Coin Future 🔮

Avenue One — Additions of Any Dip20 Token

The first and most obvious avenue for attracting new liquidity is to allow creators & developers to add their own DIP20 tokens to Sonic.

Avenue Two — Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs) are also coming to Sonic. LBPs are a method of token listing that allows project founders to team up with their community to find a fair market price for their token, while at the same time generating liquidity for their token.

Avenue Three — Automatic Bridged Token Additions From Terabethia

Now what if I told you that soon you’ll be able to swap any of your ETH or ERC20 tokens on Sonic? It’s true! After LBPs we are going to be working to automatically add all tokens bridged to the Internet Computer through Terabethia’s Magic Proxy & Token Factory contracts.

That’s A Wrap 🗞

This has been a significant milestone update for Sonic. We can’t tell you how much work went into this update, we’re quite proud of it!



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